Policy Documents after Hon. Nainital Highcourt Order.

Dear jungle visitor, we love jungle and take care of every aspect of its conservation. Besides this we connect common people towards nature (we guide and tell the importance of our eco-systems to all the guests) through our proper, responsbile Wild Life Tourism in Rajaji Tiger Reserve. But recently Honourable Nainital High Court put some restrctions on Wild life Tourism in Tiger Reserve (Rajaji as well as Corbett TR) and issue their orders.

Just an outline of order as we understand. For full order copy you can google it or get it from directly from Information Officer of Rajaji Tiger Reserve.

  1. Elephant Safari stopped in all respect. Click Here for news.
  2. No Forest Rest House booking for common public, only for Forest Department Officials. Click Here for news
  3. Private Vehicle entry banned. Click Here to view news.
  4. Limits the number of entry permits for Gypsies to 20 per day (10 gysyp morning, 10 for evening session) for each Tourism Zone. Click Here for Official Order.


So to comply with Honourable High Court Order we also updated our policy for proper Wild Life Tourism.

  1. No further booking of Elephant Safari and FRH to our Guests.
  2. While filling online form Zone/Gate selection is just your choice, but not mandatory for us to comply as number of entry permits are limited. We get these permit on behalf of you, after booking from Tiger Reserve Authorities.
  3. However our effort will be that permit should be as per your (guest) choice.
  4. In case we could not get the permit of your (guest) choice Tourism Zone/Gate, other optional gate safari (for which we get permit) will be provided.
  5. In top rush season time (weekends, holidays), if all permits are sold by Rajaji Authorities for your choosen date and time, the next available time slot will be provided as per pervailing conditions.
  6. The exact safari gate information will be updated 3-5 hours before to you (guest). So that no confustion arise.
  7. Pre-Booking required for proper operation. Kindly don't book for same day. Booking will be cancelled without any refund.
  8. Any query regarding above information kindly contact us. We are ready to assist you.