Riverine Forest in Rajaji Tiger Reserve

Riverine Rajaji Tiger Reserve

The vegetation occurring in low-lying waterlogged areas, along mullahs, riverbeds and streambeds, develops into a riverine forest. This type consists of irregular vegetation of mainly evergreen species which are able to withstand the wetness of the occupies sites. The common species of these forests are Syzygium cumini, Ficus racemosa, F. semicordata, Bischofia javanica, Trewia nudiflora, Pterospermum acerifolium, Albizzia Procera, Toona ciliate, Calamus tenuis etc. The under-storey consists of Diospyros exsculpta, Phoebe lanceolata, Machilus gamblei, Salix tetrasperma, Achronysia pedunculata, Desmodium labermofpoim, Vetiveria zizanioides and many fern species. Some common herbs are Eclipta alba, Centella asiatica, Corchorus spp., Bupleurm hamiltoni, youngia japonica, Mazus pumilus, Likdenbergia spp., Rungia pectinata and Hemigraphis hirta. The common climbers are Vallaris solanacea, #Combretum decandrum, etc. The vegetation along river streams and nullahs consists of species such as Trewia nudiflora, #Syzygium cumini, #Dalbergia sissoo, #Orthanthera viminia, #Xylosma longifolia, #Adhatoda zeylanica and Gonostegtia pentandra.

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